FearFree staff personal safety, security awareness and counter terrorism training

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Customer Conflict Awareness and De-Escalation Training

Mitigate the risks associated with dealing with members of the public and learn de-escalation techniques. Customer Conflict Awareness is our most popular workshop, and was an NZ Health and Safety Awards 2013 finalist. These workshops are:
- Based on removing yourself from risk
- Fully customisable
- Able to be done at your premises
- Available for half or full days 

Office-based staff

The workshop for staff on your frontline. Managing and mitigating risk with difficult, angry or unwell members of the public requires special skills. Based on your organisation’s policies and procedures, FearFree’s half-day workshop introduces and then hones those skills, engaging your staff in scenario-based training. This workshop starts with the legal basis for action, deals with personality types you may encounter and strategies for dealing with them, and introduces our ‘flatline’ de-escalation technique. 

Frontline staff

Do your staff work unusual hours or work in isolation? Developing situational awareness and being able to take advantage of key warning signs to escape are the keys to risk management for lone workers. FearFree helps your staff develop those skills, and teaches basic law enforcement defence moves should they need to escape from harm. 

Robbery Safety Training & Mitigation

If your staff handle cash, robbery must always be considered as a likely risk. Robbery is a traumatic experience for staff. Without training, your staff may inadvertently increase the risk to themselves and others in the near vicinity. Although prevention is the best remedy, there are approaches that can mitigate the risk to staff caught up in a worst-case scenario. FearFree Robbery Response & Mitigation training will engage your staff, gauging their own reactions, working on the best way to keep themselves safe. A Robbery Response & Mitigation component is often – and easily – added to our Customer Conflict Awareness & De-Escalation training, and FearFree can examine cash-handling policies and procedures against best practice PSR recommendations.

Compliance & Investigations Training

FearFree is the preferred supplier of Warranted / Compliance / Enforcement Officer's training at both Basic and Advanced level. We offer specialised courses in interviewing, statement taking and evidence collection for enforcement, as well as conflict awareness and de-escalation personalised to your organisation. 

Travel Safety Training

Sending staff overseas? Have business in dangerous locations? Ensure your staff return home safely with FearFree's International Travel Safety training. Let us share our tips, experiences and 'common-sense' learnings accrued over years on the road. We can talk about doing your research, how to be streetwise, blend in, and knowing what to carry and what to leave behind. Practise scenarios and share war stories, all with the aim of staying safe abroad.

Check out FearFree staff working with an NGO heading to a potentially dangerous location, somewhere outside NZ.

FearFree can also provide the latest in pre-departure information for your destination. Being proactive trumps being reactive every time: read up on what may lie ahead.
As the airline safety briefing says: "In the unlikely event of an emergency..."

Active Shooter Training

Staff must be prepared both mentally and physically to deal with an active shooter situation. FearFree offers specialised training packages on active shooter situations for both general staff and managers. In addition, FearFree offers a full range of consulting on this topic; from conducting site assessments to evaluating and/or writing policy and procedures for active shooter situations.

Intelligence Training

Intelligence helps organisations to better identify risks, and so should be an essential part of your organisation's risk management and mitigation strategies. FearFree helps you better deal with your intelligence: from identification, to organisation, and retrieval. Get your staff up to speed on this vital organisational tool. 


Other Courses:

  • Prosecutions
  • Court Preparation for Senior Staff
  • Problem Solving
  • Crisis Management Essentials
  • Cultural Awareness